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"Intelligent documentation platform - crossnote"

All for team work

crossnote is a documentation platform for improving productivities by collaborating works.

It consists of a document editor which is focused on collaborative activities and a document management infrastructure which manages general files such as Word, Excel and PDF.

crossnote is made available on cloud computing service and that enables borderless collaborations across the boundaries over corporate structures or countries


Easy access from the web

By implementing HIVE, an optional function for crossnote, it readily enables browsing the registered documents on crossnote

Since crossnote documents, excel files and other types of files are converted to html files, it enables easy and quick access on the web with no additional works.

The documents are indexed and that enables a quick search for texts in the contents. In addition, search refinement by attributes set up in the documents is also available.


Who, When, on which part, For what purpose

The document management base on crossnote is very solid. crossnote documents, Words, Excels, PDFs, and other various types of files are managed over network.

Even many are involved in documentation process, it's easy to accurately track and compare that changes are made by whom, when, on which part, and for what purpose.

In the case of creating files derived from other documents such as translations, it detects and tracks the part which is subjected to the modification on the original document.


Document tracking

crossnote enables to manage documents in relation to edit, review, authorization setting, and project plans and progress.

At the same time, it enables tracking of document modifications or changes on status.

Document settings are directly connected to schedule and progress, there will be no gap between schedule and actual status.

It enables to display a list of attribute information set by each documents and schedule/progress information and also enables to modify the settings all together.

By using Gant chart function, you can set the schedule by project, folder or document status unit, and it can list out and compare the progress of documents.


Providing total support of review

crossnote provides total support from review setting to schedule / progress management and aggregation of review comments. You can automatically create a review record sheet.

You can attach questions and comments to documents and exchange them like an email, assign them to reviewers, and reply to review results online.

Supports the process of applying for approval of completed documents. It can also be automatically converted to PDF and signed.

From ver 2.1, reviewers can review with a web browser. You can check the contents on the Web browser while maintaining the original appearance layout, add comments, and give instructions for correction.


Segmented editing for large documents

It is hard to edit documents over 100 pages and also is hard to find the targeted area. The oversized word file might be at more risk to get broken.

In that case, document composing editing function is convenient. More than one document can be put together as one document. You can change editting administrator on each document. Numbering and reference link can be automatically updated

By using templates, selecting title from pull-down list is available. <


Exporting to Word, PDF and HTML

The documents editted in crossnote are readily available by easily exporting to Word, PDF, and HTML.

In addition, changing the document status enables posting it as HTML page on the web.

Moreover, conversion/importing from Word file to crossnote document is available. By importing the existing word files, you can start using crossnote at low-costs.

Configurable attributes

The administrator can freely set up the attributes (document keywords) for each projects or documents on crossnote.

The document keyword can be set up or referenced in various style such as property information or refined search conditions. In addition, this can be placed in the text as variables on crossnote.

Unified management using templates

The style information(doument formatting) on crossnote is consolidated by templates. For this reason, there is no worry that formats on eah documents get unorganized.

It is available to set the rules for font types/sizes or forbidden words on templates.

Fully secured

crossnote can assign the roles on each projects or work groups. It configures the permissions depending on the roles.

It obtains the log for referencing or taking out the document, and keeps track on when and who refered to which documents.

In addition, the files downloaded on PC are all encrypted. Even in any cases that PC gets infected with computer virus, it's free from risk of data leak.

crossnote is a registered trademark of update it, Inc.

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